Audi EV Plans Not Motivated By Emission Requirements

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Most people believe that automakers are now focusing more on EV models because of the strict emission requirements that are being enforced around the world but according to Audi, that is not the main driving factor for their sudden shift of attention.

According to Audi, the reason why they are so interested in EV models right now is that it is what the customer seems to be demanding. Audi added that while the emission requirement does play a role, at the end of the day, the customer will buy whichever car they think has a better deal regardless of the regulations and that is why they are focusing more on the demand of their customers.

Audi has also just taken the covers off their e-tron SUV model with more to come as they plan to offer 12 all-electric models in their range by 2025.

Of course, other automakers like BMW has made it clear that the emission requirements is what drove them to focus more on EV model.

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