Audi A9 Coupe Still Being Consider But Not For The Near Future

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The idea of seeing an Audi A9 Coupe model out on the streets is pretty exciting and although Marc Lichte, the chief designer of Audi seems to be interested in the idea, it is clear that we won’t be seeing it anytime soon.

According to Lichte, although he liked the idea of the vehicle, he also added that it is clear that the sales numbers for a two-door coupe are much lower than a four-door model He did add that it might still happen in the future.

Of course, this is far from any confirmation but it does tell us that somebody in Audi is interested in the idea and that means it could still happen but they have already made it very clear that they are not working on one right now.

If the Audi A9 Coupe does arrive, the vehicle will be competing with models like the Mercedes S-Class coupe model and the BMW 8-Series.

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