Audi A5 Won’t Protect You In Your Time Of Need

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The Audi A5 isn’t going to be able to protect you in your time of need due to an issue with the airbag and this has led to a recall. Along with A5 is the A4 and the Q5.

It has been said that the Audi A5 airbags may not deploy in the event of a crash. The fault is down to corrosion in the airbag control unit. NHTSA have reported that the control unit power supply will let TiN corrosion develop and this could lead to the failure of the airbag.

The models said to be affected in the recall include the Audi A5, A4 and Q5 between 2008 and 2009. At the moment it hasn’t been made clear as to how many vehicles are involved in the recall and owners of the vehicles that are affected are going to be contacted.

It was said that the indicator light illumination on the airbag would indicate regardless of whether there was a malfunction with the system or not.

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