AT&T Says Goodbye To Original iPhone Owners

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AT&T revealed that they were closing the 2G network on 1 January 2017 and when they did not that many were bothered. Well, not unless you still own the original iPhone and have been using it with the provider.

With the phone provider stopping the 2G service it means that owners of the original iPhone cannot get service with AT&T.

Owners of the original version of the iPhone have seen this coming as AT&T have been talking about getting rid of the 2G service for some time. There hasn’t really been a huge outburst from consumers over the closing of it, which tells us that not that many people relied on 2G as most people use 3G and LTE.

AT&T said that they were closing the 2G services to free up resources along with spectrum bandwidth so that they could use it for future products with more advanced wireless solutions, which may include 5G.

The original iPhone has been around for more than a decade though and some people are going to be sad to see the handset come to the end of its life, at least with AT&T.

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