AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Buyers Suffering The Most

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The big news this summer has been the Samsung Galaxy S3 and every Android fan has been hankering after the device. However because of the massive popularity of the smartphone, some carriers are struggling to meet demand – leading to massive delays for the poor people who have been excitedly waiting for their pre-order of device to eventually arrive.

AT&T customers still waiting for Samsung Galaxy S3

AT&T users are the specific ones suffering here, and even more specifically, those who ordered the 16GB version after 21st June reports MobileNApps. However even some of those who ordered before then are still waiting. The 32GB device has not reached any one just yet as a release date is yet to be announced, says the blog.

The delivery of the pre-orders was supposed to be “on or before June 21” but on the 21st June, customers were told that they would not receive their SIII until after 25th June, and then 28th June, and some users are still waiting now and it is July.

It is publicly known now that supply of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is unable to meet the demand, and MobileNApps have referred to a past report whereby it was mentioned that the cost to Samsung of this problem has been a minimum of 2 million S3s. In fact, T-Mobile are the only carrier to have been able to meet demand in store and have current availability, and that is only in certain cities (it has a higher price tag though).

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