Best Nokia Lumia 920 Accessory Is… Jessica Alba [PICS]

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Not only are we jealous of the cars, parties, mansions and hordes of fans that celebrities enjoy, we are also envious of the fact that they get early access to the very latest handsets. AT&T in the US will be getting the Nokia Lumia 920 in early November; however this has not stopped Jessica Alba from getting her hands on the handset first. The actress was snapped in a photo and in her hand was a red version of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920.

Jessica Alba & her Nokia Lumia 920

If you zoom into the snapshot taken of Jessica Alba around her hand (and just her hand please), you can see that the handset is indeed the unreleased Nokia Lumia 920. Previously she was captured with a Lumia 900, so it looks as though the actress does prefer Nokia and the Finnish giant knows it.

It may be that Nokia are pleased with the publicity she gives them and they let her have the latest Nokia Lumia 920 well ahead of its scheduled release? This of course isn’t the first time. In fact it was just a week ago that we saw LeBron James sporting a custom Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

It is too difficult to tell if this is in fact the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 or an international GSM model which should work on AT&T and T-Mobile sans the LTE connectivity. Too bad there isn’t a better picture.

Jessica Alba with Nokia Lumia 920

Jessica Alba with Nokia Lumia 920
Credit: WMPowerUser

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