Lumia 920: Nokia Makes Biggest Mistake Seen Since iPhone [PN]

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It’s only every once in a while when a revolutionary device comes along. It happened when Apple released the iPhone in 2007 and now it may be happening with the Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia Lumia 920 makes same mistake iPhone did with AT&T

When Steve Jobs said that a revolutionary product changes everything he was right. However tech blog PocketNow reports that what he failed to see was the implications that keeping the iPhone on AT&T exclusively for three years would mean. This is not because the iPhone failed to sell well, but because the competition was underestimated.

What it takes for a revolutionary product is a competing carrier, an OEM that is legendary, an excellent marketing campaign and an OS that is robust, and then only will the iPhone bleed. In essence it took Verizon, Motorola and the Droid name. So consider what the implications would have been if Apple had chosen to stick with one carrier since day one with all iPhones. Android could have been totally different and yes they would have succeeded.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is what PN consider revolutionary thanks to it being a challenge towards making an imperfect system even better. This is what the iPhone did in 2007 when it was released. Following the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920, the bar will be set higher for rivals. No longer will competing smartphones be able to succeed if they were to launch a device with just any camera. Nor will they succeed unless they release a device that can be used when wearing gloves. City Lens will be the mainstream and no one will care about maps or street views. There are so many other innovative features in the Nokia Lumia 920 that will make it one of the best devices to have been released this year and most likely, next year too suggests PocketNow.

However Nokia have just made one very bad mistake and that is the Lumia 920 will only be available on AT&T. This is a mistake that may just kill off what could have been the best device ever.

One of the main reasons for this is that only very rarely does a device that is exclusive succeed. Apple were lucky with the iPhone, but can you think of any other handset that has succeeded on one carrier?

There is the iPhone 5 and other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 available on all the major carriers in the US, so why would people cancel their contracts and have to pay out a fortune and go for the Nokia Lumia 920 asks PN?

When the contract between Apple and AT&T ended, Apple let out a sign of relief and now the iPhone 5 is available on nearly all carriers in the US. Nokia should have taken something from this. When the announcement was made that the Lumia 920 would only be available on AT&T, many people were disappointed, going exclusive could cost Nokia their chance of getting back on top of the smartphone market.

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