Nokia Lumia 920: Is It Worth The High Price Tag?

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The Nokia Lumia 920 has caused quite a stir as it is comes with the latest Windows Phone 8 OS. However have Nokia set the price for the Lumia 920 too high? They recently revealed the price for the device in Europe and when compared to other handsets, it does seem to be rather steep.

Nokia Lumia 920 costs more than Samsung Galaxy S3 but below iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a price tag of around 540 Euros, which is around $690, while the Nokia Lumia 920 is around 673 Euros, or $840. There is quite a big difference between the two devices when you take into consideration that the Lumia 920 is a Windows handset and the S3 a more popular Galaxy Android.

A comparison has also been made with other handsets in Europe. The HTC 8X comes in at around 550 Euros and the 8S at 299 Euros, while the Lumia 820 is 499 Euros. The only device that is priced higher than the Nokia Lumia 920 is the Apple iPhone 5 at 679 Euros for the 16GB version.

At the moment we know that AT&T will be carrying the Nokia Lumia 920 so it will be going head to head with both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. The biggest question is, will people take a risk with the Nokia Lumia 920 when they can get the more trusted and tested iPhone 5 for just a little more or the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 for far less?

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