AT&T Motorola Atrix HD Crowned Best Bang For The Buck (Consumer Reports)

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The Motorola ATRIX HD boasts a superb screen of 4.5 inches and it has a dual core 1.5GHz processor with support for LTE. There are also other features which are desirable on the handset and which you can find on devices with a price tag of around $300. The Motorola Atrix HD however is on AT&T for just $100 when you take it with a two year contract and is why Consumer Reports has voted it as the best value for money smartphone buy.

AT&T Motorola ATRIX HD best value for money (Consumer Reports)

In our tests the handset performed very well and it has a lot in common with the Motorola Droid Razr handsets. The ports, along with buttons on the handset are the same and the Atrix HD measures in at 5.26 x 2.75 inches and fits into the pocket very easily at just 0.3 inches in depth.

The handset is as responsive as the Droid Razr and the screen is very easy to read when in sunlight and measures 720 x 1280p. The battery life gives around 6 hours of talk time, which is ample.

The display is protected with Gorilla Glass and this has helped the screen to remain intact when dropped a couple of times. Motorola also claim to have protected the handset against splashes of water, but this wasn’t in our tests.

One of the superb features about the handset is the fact that it comes with the Smart Actions app built in. This is great for completing many tasks which are routine. The handset can be programmed to turn of the Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth for example based on time or location.

The handset has three home screens for users to choose from and you can expand these and have up to seven. One downside is the fact that the backlight navigation keys tend to disappear if the screen times out and this means you have to unlock it before you are able to see them again.

At the moment the handset is being tested by CR’s engineers and when these tests are completed we will report the findings.

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