More Than Half Of Smartphones On AT&T Are iPhone [SURVEY]

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The sales of the Apple iPhone have dominated marketshare over at AT&T and Verizon. However Samsung are beginning to expand theirs.

63 percent of smartphones on AT&T are iPhone models

During Q2 of 2010, Apple had taken 60% of the market shares in comparison to the 3% of Samsung on AT&T. Other phone makers had 37% between them. This was only revealed through the trial of Apple and Samsung over patents. Apple has said that Samsung stole the look & feel of the iPhone and their iPad. Samsung of course deny this and say that the iPad and the iPhone violate some of their patents.

While the market shares of Apple are not a big surprise, what is surprising is that Samsung have started to make market gains. During the fourth quarter of 2011 Apple marketshare had grown by as much as 3% and Samsung’s has quadrupled to 12% in the same period of time, while other manufactures saw their market share fall by 24%.

This date reveals a drastic change in the market shares of Verizon. In Q1 of 2010 Samsung had 3% of the market with other carriers having 97%, this was when the iPhone was not available from Verizon. When they started selling the device in 2011, by the fourth quarter of 2011 they owned 54% of the market at Verizon. Samsung went up to 12% and others had combined shares in the market which had dropped to 34%.

Smartphone marketshare

Smartphone marketshare


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