AT&T iPhone 7 With 5G To Take On Verizon This Year

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5G is going to be coming out by the end of the year and when it does Verizon will be waiting with open arms. However they won’t be the only carrier waiting to welcome consumers as AT&T will also be there.

With the launch of 5G consumers will be able to enjoy speeds that may be between 10 and 100 times faster than what they are getting at the moment. This means that consumers may be able to benefit from high speeds on the iPhone 7 with AT&T and Verizon.

Verizon began looking into 5G last year and more recently AT&T have jumped onto the bandwagon as they don’t want to be left behind when it arrives along with the iPhone 7. They have revealed that they are going to being developing 5G during the second quarter of this year.

AT& are set to work with Ericsson and Intel in lab tests and they are hoping that they will be able to fix points to offer 5G before the end of 2016. 5G of course should have an impact on the whole mobile network along with opening up the way for many loT applications for both consumers and the industry.

Along with offering consumers high speeds on such as the iPhone 7, it will offer super-low latency that is needed to be able to power VR experiences, robotics and cars that can drive themselves.

The technologies are going to be pervasive, immersive and they will respond to customers according to the chief strategy officer of AT&T Technology and Operations and 5G is going to make them become a reality.

So are you getting ready for 5G with super-fast speeds on the iPhone 7?

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