AT&T iPhone 5 Beats Verizon & Sprint Models When It Comes To Simultaneous Voice & Data On LTE

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AT&T will have the edge over their rivals when the iPhone 5 is launched thanks to it having one key feature.

Only AT&T iPhone 5 supports simultaneous voice & date over LTE

The iPhone 5 on Sprint and Verizon will not allow users to do data hungry tasks at the same time as taking a call on their 4G LTE network. If you want to pull data to other apps when taking a call you will have to rely on Wi-Fi to do it with Sprint and Verizon.

On Verizon the iPhone 5 is designed to let users access Wi-Fi for data when on calls, this was according to a statement given to CNET from Verizon. Sprint said that simultaneous use of voice and data does not apply to the iPhone 5.

AT&T on the other hand has been showing this feature off, a feature that has been in place since they took the iPhone 4S on board in 2011. Their customers are able to talk and surf the web at the same time. Apparently it’s all down to the antenna with devices that allow for both having an extra one that pulls data while the other handles the voice call.

This detail of course is not mentioned by Apple. The iPhone 5 is available for pre-order from today and it will be in stores on the 21st September. Anyone who is considering a choice of network provider for the phone may wish to bear in mind that if you want to surf and talk using the 4G LTE network, the only carrier allowing you to do so is AT&T.

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