iPhone 5: How Carriers Prep For Biggest Launch In History

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Carriers in the US are getting ready to do battle for the title of best 4G carrier in the US and are rushing to deliver some very tempting offers for their 4G LTE services ready for when the iPhone 5 is launched in September or October.

Carriers prep for iPhone 5 release

Many carriers are letting it slip that the iPhone 5 is on its way very soon. AT&T along with Verizon stopped employees taking holidays between 21st September and 30th September and a source close to AT&T said that they would be launching the handset on the third or fourth week of September. This of course would be in line with the rumours of the launch on the 12th of September and on store shelves by the 21st.

iPhone consumers should expect to see some competition around with the launch of the iPhone 5 when it comes to contracts.

T-Mobile are to offer unlimited 4G data plans from 5th September and this will have no caps on data nor any speed limits and will cost $20 per month when it is added onto one of the value voice and text plans; or $30 if you include it into a classic plan. This hints that there maybe a T-Mobile iPhone 5 in the works.

Metro PCS meanwhile launched their 4G LTE plan which comes with unlimited talk, text messages, and 4G data for just $55.

Verizon and AT&T said that they would be opening their 4G services by expanding into more regions in the US. Verizon also said that their LTE services are now available for three quarters of the US population, ahead of all other carriers in the US.

Meanwhile over in the UK Orange and T-Mobile got together as Everything Everywhere and have received approval from regulators in the UK to use the 1,800MHz spectrum for their WiMax and LTE provision which will begin on 11th September. This would be one day before the rumored launch of the iPhone 5. This is excellent news for residents as at the moment consumers in the UK have not benefited from 4G data speeds. The Three network in the UK has also bought into the spectrum of Everything Everywhere and they will offer it to consumers.

Lastly Sprint is selling the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 models at drastically lower prices, so much so that the Apple Store has agreed to price matching… you just have to ask at the counter.

It looks like all carriers are shaping up for the launch of the iPhone 5, explaining why many analysts are calling the iPhone 5 launch the biggest for any handset in the history of the industry.

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