AT&T Stores Secretly Taking iPhone 5 Pre-Orders?

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Well here is some interesting news from over the weekend. Reddit user xyphonic posted some information he purportedly received from an AT&T store manager about the AT&T iPhone 5. Here are his exact words:

“I happened to stop in for a new SIM card today. I lost mine in a bike accident. The manager had an iPhone 5 PowerPoint on his screen. Of course I asked about it and he told me deposits were being accepted as of 5 minutes ago. He said this year they aren’t going to have a line on launch day and all phones they get will be sold through reservations. He was just referring to that particular store though. He estimated they would receive 15 units per day for the first week. Well, my name is now first on the list. I had to put down a $100 deposit but it came with a coupon for 15% off one accessory. They told me to stop in after the announcement on the 12th”

AT&T iPhone 5 pre-orders underway at some stores?

Now of course we can’t take any of this information to heart but given how secretive Apple is and the fact that if the iPhone 5 launch is just around the corner, stock should be arriving in stores already, this isn’t so far-fetched.

have you had a similar experience at an AT&T store or affiliate when you asked about the iPhone 5? Personally, I would really like to see what that PowerPoint file was all about and whether it came direct from AT&T HQ. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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