Uh-oh, AT&T May Have Fudged Up Its iPhone 5 Pre-Orders

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AT&T could be about to disappoint many Apple fans. If you were among the many that stayed up to pre-order the iPhone 5 as soon as possible when they went on sale to ensure that you would get the device today, you may be in for a shock.  IntoMobile reports on a possible miscalculation on AT&T’s part after taking in an overwhelming number of pre-orders:

IntoMobile: AT&T may have screwed up your iPhone 5 pre-order

One fan couldn’t order the handset from Apple as their website wasn’t working thanks to a huge amount of traffic. He then chose to head over to the website of AT&T to pre-order the device as he wanted to get it as soon as they were sent out on the 21st September. However IM reports that according to a woman he spoke to, some of the devices ordered before the official cut-off will not actually ship until the 21st despite the promise. This means that that they will be shipped on or even after the 21st.

There could be great disappointment for those who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 through the website of AT&T under the assumption that they would be getting it on their doorsteps today.

So if you are one of those who did pre-order the iPhone 5 with AT&T you can only hope that the customer rep this buyer spoke to doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Source: IntoMobile

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