HTC One X Doesn’t Age Too Well

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When it comes to Android phones, we find that product lifecycles are much shorter than normal. At one moment you think you are buying the next best thing, and within weeks or months (if you’re lucky), your current Android is already outclassed by something better coming along.

AT&T considers HTC One X a busted, ancient Android

Of course, you can get lucky sometimes as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S3 which despite already being 5 months on the market, is yet to give up the title of the best Android phone of 2012. Then there are other devices which while seemingly appearing alike, don’t fair so well. Case and point the HTC One X which has already been succeeded by the HTC One X+

Now sure, the HTC One X is also less than a year old, so it isn’t exactly ancient. However AT&T thinks so (check out the screengrab of their Facebook page below). AT&T is now offering a trade-in for your busted, old smartphones and are offering credit towards a new purchase. So which device did they use as a showcase of a possible unwanted Android? The HTC One X of course.

With what appears to be a little Photoshop magic, the HTC One X pictured below appears to have gone to hell and back. With AT&T expanding their lineup with some new stellar products like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Nokia Lumia 920, we can see why their pushing the trade in program right before the holidays.



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