AT&T HTC One X: No Jelly Bean, Just More “Jealousy Beans!”

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Whenever the latest version of Android is released it takes a long time for carriers to release updates. What this means is that owners have to wait for many months before they are able to get their hands on the update. Those owing the HTC One X who is with AT&T have had plenty of issues and this has seen them having to deal with a lot of frustration.

The update came out in October and it began rolling out to carriers slowly. However AT&T in the US is the exception as they have not told their customers when they can expect the update.

Over in Canada TELUS along with Three in the UK have rolled out the update and this has caused ever more frustration for those on AT&T. These are still waiting to hear about when the update will come their way.

One thing that does happen to be annoying is the fact that reps keep saying that the Jelly Bean update is coming, but really they have no idea. However some customers have gotten so fed up with this that they are moving away when their contract ends.

Of course the carrier does have to have the update and they should be testing it, before they add in their own bits, but what could be taking them so long?

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