AT&T HTC One X Jelly Bean Update: Let The Jealousy Flow

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Some carriers of Android take a long time to release an update, which means that often owners are left waiting for many months before seeing the latest update. In the past owners of the HTC One X with AT&T have had their fair share of frustration when it comes to the Jelly Bean update.

The update made an appearance in October of last year and it has been rolling out very slowly to carriers. However AT&T in the US have not said when their HTC One X customers will be seeing it.

TELUS in Canada along with Three in the UK have joined other carriers and pushed out Jelly Bean to their HTC One X. This has left owners with AT&T wondering when they might be updated.

There is a thread in the AT&T forum that is growing and some owners have been taking out their frustration on the company as many different dates have been given for the release of the update to Jelly Bean.

The annoying thing is that many reps of the company say that it is coming soon; however this may mean that they don’t know. Some people have chosen to leave the company due to this, when their contract ends.

Of course AT&T must surely have people testing the update with the HTC One X along with adding in branding, but just what is taking them so long? Fingers crossed that the update will not be too much longer.

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