HTC One X Jelly Bean Update Finally Hits North America

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We have been seeing more handsets being update to the latest Android OS. However there are certain carriers that seem to hold up the updates and this stops them getting to consumers. Over the last few days the Jelly Bean 4.1 update has started rolling in North America as it becomes available for the Telus HTC One X, while AT&T are once again lagging behind.

Telus HTC One X Jelly Bean update appears, AT&T still missing

This has left owners of the device with the carrier wondering if and when they might get the update, as it started rolling out in October of 2012. Various markets have seen the update arrive on their handsets and one of the most recent ones has been the rival carrier in Canada, Rogers.

Telus revealed the update on Twitter and users can get hold of the update OTA. When you compare the update to ICS it is a large one and it comes with new features and improvements.

Customers at AT&T have been waiting for the HTC One X update and at the moment there isn’t even a timeframe of when it may arrive. HTC and AT&T are keeping quiet about when it may be revealed. It is now going on four months since the update was revealed and we can’t imagine why it might be taking this long to come out. After all, all that was needed was to insure compatibility with the carrier versions of the HTC One X.

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