HTC One X Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out Now

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There are many devices running Android on the market which seem to be taking a long time to be updated to new versions of the OS. Some of these devices are handsets that were flagship handsets just months ago. One of these devices is the HTC One X, which is now in the process of being updated to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 in the UK with Three, while customers with AT&T in the US have to wait.

Jelly Bean started arriving on the device in November of 2012 and recently customers with O2 have received the update for their handsets. Now Three in the UK have been on Twitter and told owners about the release of Android 4.1.1.

The update is making its way out OTA and it will be staggered, as with all updates that are released. This means that you should be getting notification on your handset soon.

However if you don’t want to wait then you can do this manually in the settings of the device by choosing About and then choosing software updates and check now. The update is said to be 360MB and so you will want to ensure that you have a Wi-Fi connection that is stable and plenty of battery in the device. You will also want to back up your data.

The carrier offers a support page if you want help with the update process and this comes with news that owners will be able to get unlimited LTE data without having to pay out anymore. It seems that Three may be trying to entice customers to the network as they have also recently been offering free headphones for those who pre-order the Sony Xperia Z.

Customers in the US of AT&T are once again seeing a major carrier update the HTC One X to Jelly Bean, albeit in a different country, and this has to be frustrating for them. So do you have the update on your device yet?

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