AT&T HTC One X Jelly Bean Update: Envious Much?

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We know by now that when Google release another version of Android updates it can take a long time for carriers to get the update out. In the past this has meant that owners of handsets have been left waiting several months before getting the update on their phone. People with the HTC one X with AT&T have been met with plenty of issues, and this has caused them a great deal of frustration.

Google released the update in October and very slowly it started rolling out to all carriers. AT&T however are the exception and they have not told their customers when they will be rolling out the update.

Meanwhile Telus in Canada and Three in the UK have started to hand out the update to customers, which is causing even more frustration for customers with AT&T in the US.

One thing that is particularly annoying is that reps have been saying that the update to Jelly Bean is on its way; however they haven’t a clue as to when it will arrive. This has led to some customers been so fed up that they have decided to move away, when they finish their contract.

AT&T must have the update as they will be testing it before they add in their own bits and bobs, the only question is what could be taking so long?

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