AT&T HTC One X: Jelly Bean For Some, Jealousy-Beans For Others

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When a new version of Android is released it takes some carriers a long time to release the update. This means that owners of handsets are often waiting for months before they get their hands on the update. Owners of the HTC One X with AT&T have seen their share of problems, leading to frustration over the updates to Jelly Bean.

The update was revealed in October of last year and it started to be rolled out by carriers very slowly. The exception being AT&T in the US, they haven’t told their customers who own the HTC One X when to expect it.

TELUS in Canada and the Three network over in the UK have rolled out the update to Jelly Bean for their customers and as you might expect this have caused more frustration for owners of the handset on AT&T. They are still waiting for news about the update.

One thing that is very annoying is the fact that reps keep saying that the update is making its way out soon. Some customers have chosen to leave the company when they reach the end of the contract, thanks to the fact that the reps don’t really know.

AT&T have to have the update and be testing it for the HTC One X and they will be adding in their own bits and pieces, but what is taking the carrier so long?

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