AT&T HTC 10: Don’t Hold Your Breath

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If you are with AT&T and you fancy getting hold of the HTC 10 you may be plain out of luck.

If you check the press release of HTC you will find that AT&T are not listed on the page. This is very strange as after all they are the second biggest carrier in the US.

It seems that HTC want customers with AT&T to purchase the unlocked version of the HTC 10. However this means if you want to get hold of the handset you are going to have to find $700 for it outright. On the other hand HTC are giving customers the option of paying for it over 12 months without interest.

This does seem to be a strange way of going about things if you want the HTC 10 on AT&T.

Are you waiting to get hold of the AT&T HTC 10 and will you be willing to hand over $700 to get it?