Aston Martin DB11 Is Going To Be Given A Personal Touch

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Fans of Aston Martin vehicles have been waiting for the arrival of the Aston Martin DB11 for a long time and we are hoping that the company is going to get things right this time. Now we have heard from the CEO who said that he is personally inspecting the DB11.

Of course we are not expecting him to give the personal touch to each and every one of the Aston Martin DB11 vehicles to roll off the production line. However he is going to be inspecting the first 1000 vehicles to come off the line to ensure that they are flawless.

But how are you going to know if your Aston Martin DB11 is one of those that were given a personal inspection by the CEO? Models that have been given the personal touch will have an inspection badge with the signature of the CEO on the V12 engine.

So if you do get one of the 1000 Aston Martin DS11 vehicles with the signature of the CEO you can be sure that your vehicle is one of the very best.

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