Assassin’s Creed: New Protagonist Named & Seen

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We know that there is going to be a new Assasin’s Creed game, there is always going to be but nobody really knows what the new game will be about. There were speculations that we might go all the way back to the start when the brotherhood form and that the game will be called Origins but so far, we have not seen any new leak or reveal that would support that rumor.

What we do have are images of what looks like the new Assasin’s Creed merchandise, specifically, a t-shirt. Some people believe that the t-shirt could be an official Assassin’s Creed merchandise.

On the shirt could be the new protagonist and if that this is real, he might be called Ba Yek as the t-shirt would suggest. The background of the image does support the rumor about the game being set in Eygpt as it had the outline of Khepri, the insect god.

The Eye of Horus was also incorporated into the logo at the bottom. While there is no way of confirming the merchandise, many believe that this is the real deal. You can check out the image here.

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