Assassin’s Creed Egypt Screenshots Leaked

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Another week means another week of gaming rumours. But this week’s rumour about Assassin’s Creed may well be confirmed, because the upcoming game in the franchise will be set in ancient Egypt, and it’s exploring the origins of the series’ lore and mythos. More importantly, the leak might have been already teased way back in 2012, according to the above screenshot confirmed by GamesRadar.

The screenshot above was actually from a cancelled Ubisoft project in 2012 called Project Osiris, and it might just be the first hint of what to expect in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed. Man, why weren’t we more observant back then? To make things even more interesting, you’ve got to check out another screenshot below, whereby Ubisoft again teased the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in an email between two Abstergo employees. And well, you’ve guessed that right, the guy is what we know now as the main lead in Empire, standing in Egypt.


Perhaps we should be more attentive next time, or better yet, let’s start to be more observant from now onwards.

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