Assasin’s Creed Origin: Peaceful Discovery Tour

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As nice as the story and gameplay are, one of the reasons why Assassin’s Creed has been so popular is because they have always made sure that the virtual landscapes are as detail as they can make it.

The new Discovery Tour will make sure of that to show their fans how ancient Egypt might have looked like. The quest and enemies will be removed and instead, the world will be filled with normal folks going about their own business so that fans can learn about the culture of that place and time.

Their main goal is to make history the playground for their fans. The Discovery Tour will come with 75 guided audio tours so you will feel like you are walking in a museum. You will still be controlling your character so you can explore as you please.

The idea itself is pretty interesting and it will be nice to see where Ubisoft goes with this in the future.

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