Artifact Is Far From What Fans Were Expecting

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When Valve revealed that they will be releasing a new game this year, the fans got excited. While most people already knew that it was not going to be a Half-Life, Portal or Left 4 Dead game, they were still expecting it to be something but it turned out to be a card game and it is clear that the fans do not know what to think now.

According to Valve, Artifact is conceptually based on Dota 2 but players will be facing off against one another on three separate game boards. The person that manage to navigate all the way to the opponent’s side and either two of the three towers or defeat the Ancient will win.

Each player will be given 40 cards with five heroes. The game will get 40 heroes at launch. The remaining cards in the deck will be abilities and items divided into four themes. Matches will be played online but the offline tutorial is available. The game will be released on the 28 of November on PC. Mobile devices will get it a month later.

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