Artifact: Fans Not On board?

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The thing with Valve is that they use to offer some of the most iconic games we know and fans of Valve have been waiting for ages for them to release a new game. So when Valve announced that they will be releasing a new game, the fans were over the moon.

But that was until they realize that the game is actually a card game. While we are all for a card game, we are not sure it should be what Valve should be released after so long. On top of that, the game is also something that is based on Dota 2 which at this point, feels like the only game that they care about.

Fans were also upset because Valve could have pick up any of their old games like Left 4 Dead, Portal or Half-Life and work from there and they would have been happier but instead this is what they choose to offer.

Of course, we have not seen the game yet as it will be coming out on 28th of November. What do you think?

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