ARMs Is Not The Game For The Loners

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There are games where you can have just as much fun alone or with friends but ARMs is the kind of game that you need to have somebody there with you.

The game itself is pretty fun and exciting. What we love about the game is that it is different from all the other fighting games out there making it very fresh. In the game, players get to pick their fighters, each with their own unique capabilities and they can punch the air with their joy con to attack their opponents.

You can spice things up bu jumping, dodging and curving your punches but it can get a little odd when you are it alone in the room with nobody else to laugh with. The same cannot be said when you have a few friends around.

So while we do like what the game is offering, we think that this is the kind of game that you should only take out if you have a bunch of friends coming over.

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