Ark: Survival Evolved Get New Content For Long Awaited Launch

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It might sound like the Ark: Survival Evolved game has been around for a long time. That is because it has been playable since 2015 but as an early access game. After two years of being an early access game, the developer is finally ready to release the game.

Besides officially launching Ark: Survival Evolved, the game will also be getting a few new content updates. Players can expect to find a new storyline, new end-game content, the new Ragnarok DLC pack and more.

It does make sense for the developer to release more content now since the game has been around for so long. To top it all off, those that did not get the Early Access game had to pay double for the game. The game was sold for $30 when it was in its Early Access stage but is now being sold for $60. They definitely needed something to justify the price hike.

Some players were also not too happy when they announce that the competitive multiplayer servers will be wiped out when the game is release and the developer has since reversed that decision.

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