Are You Team Apple Or Team Samsung?

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This is possibly the biggest (and nastiest) smartphone fight of all, and there have been numerous comparison reviews made to conclude each of their preferred choice. And when we’re comparing between Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Apple’s iPhone 6S, is there actually a clear winner?

These two equally gorgeous phones would never score a low mark in the design category. It’s well-noted that the Galaxy S6 has moved away from their traditional plastic chassis, and have since opted for a milled aluminium frame with a shimmering glass at the back. Not really practical for slippery hands, but then again, there are plentiful of cases out there which would give you better grip. While the iPhone 6S comes with a strengthened screen glass and hardened aluminium frame, it might strike as being too sturdy for some. There isn’t a clear winner here between the two, as aforementioned, they are (almost) flawless in design.

When it comes to display, we’ve got to give props to the Galaxy S6 for its 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED that comes with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 and a pixel density of 576ppi. The Super AMOLED display is victorious on its own with the ability to reproduce an incredible 98.5% of the sRGB colour gamut. While iPhone 6S’ figures (4.7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD with resolution of 750 x 1334 and pixel density of 326ppi) may not be as impressive as its rival, it still provides fantastic colour accuracy too.

iPhone 6S wins the features category with the 3D Touch. What the 3D Touch does is actually pretty helpful; acts as a right-click capability to the phone, camera shortcuts like Selfie and Slo-Mo, as well as enabling Safari to offer you options in creating a standard and private tab too. The Galaxy S6 may not have this impressive technology, but it sure comes with these cool range of features too: heart rate monitor, an infrared transceiver and in-built wireless charging.

Still, it’s a tie. But do sound off in the comments below if you’d rather prefer that one over another, because we’re always happy to see what others might think about it too.

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