Apple’s Stock Boom Shuts Down MacBook Pro, iPhone 7 Critics

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Apple has stopped all the haters of the MacBook Pro and iPhone 7 dead in their tracks as they have just revealed that stock is booming.

The stock price of Apple has been around $120 in intraday trading and this happens to be the highest since late on in 2015. Stock has been increasing in value since dropping in May 2016 to a 52 week low of $89.47.

2016 was the first year over year decline for Apple in revenue since back in 2003 and it showed the first drop in sales of the iPhone ever. However the stock prices seem to have weathered the storm. After reaching the bottom Apple brought out the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus along with the MacBook Pro, AirPods and Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple is said to be introducing at least one big redesigned iPhone along with three iPads, new MacBooks, an update to the iMac with optional AMD graphics, the new 12 inch MacBook with Kaby Lake processor and as much as 16GB RAM and the 15 inch version of the MacBook Pro which has the Kaby Lake with 32GB RAM.

So it looks as though Apple does have one of the most underappreciated stocks in the world and this has been brought about through all the doom and gloom of the media.

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