Apple’s iPhone 8 Would Make You Ditch The Phone Cover

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If the rumours prove to be true then you won’t have to worry about putting a case onto your Apple iPhone 8 to stop the Jet Black version from being scratched.

Reports are going around that the iPhone 8 is going to have a glass sandwich design. What this means is that the device will have front and back panels of glass with a chassis of stainless steel between them.

It has been said that Apple wants to make the move away from metal unibodies and go back to offering glass so that the iPhone 8 can offer up wireless charging. If so this would be the new flagship feature of the device and it would be just one of the new features. Apple could use ceramics on their iPhones and this would make them more durable than if they used glass or aluminium.

If Apple offered the iPhone 8 will ceramic then the Jet Black version might not scratch as easily as the current version, in fact it should be scratch free and you won’t have to worry about having to hide the device in a case.

Apple may move to using Zirconia ceramic for the iPhone 8 as they already use this on their Apple Watch. Apple recently put in a patent that might suggest that they are going to go down this route with the upcoming iPhone. The patent in question was Laser Polishing Ceramic material. The patent talks about sapphire and zirconia. It was said that Apple had wanted to use sapphire as opposed to glass for the iPhone 6 but then plans fell through.

So we could see the iPhone 8 arrive with zirconia ceramic to help the device become more resistant to scratches.

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