Apple Would Like To Say Farewell To MacBook Air

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The Apple MacBook Air has been very popular but it now looks like Apple may be about to say farewell to the device, so that they can make room for the iPad Pro.

The news came about from a supplier of Apple and they said that Cupertino isn’t going to be placing anymore orders on the MacBook Air. The supplier contacted Apple to enquire as they thought it was a mistake but Apple said that the product has been discontinued.

Of course you cannot blame Apple for reaching this conclusion as after all the MacBook Air hasn’t been selling all that well. They could have kept it around but this would have been pointless. Apple wants to make room for the iPad Pro as it is becoming very popular as it works as a 2 in1 device.

A great option for the iPad series is to go with the MacBook Pro and it means that the MacBook Air isn’t getting enough attention. This means that it is only practical for Apple to get rid of the device now. But will the same apply to the iPad Mini too?

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  1. Dave

    March 14, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    iPad Pro is not a suitable replacement for the MacBook Air, iPad Pro does not run Mac OSX, it is an IOS device.

    What the MacBook Air needed was an update, it hasn’t had one for years. a higher res 13″ screen and bigger HDD and more RAM (CPU could stay the same if it keeps the price down).

    The reason the MacBook Air wasn’t selling was because it hadn’t been updated so the was no compelling reason to change from an existing MacBook Air, that compelling reason will come soon as the hardware failures start, then what do you replace your MacBook Air with? iPad Pro is not compatible and MacBook is too expensive.

    When my family members MacBook Air’s fail I will be looking for replacements, at the moment there is a whole in the market that can’t be filled by the iPad Pro, the MacBook Air meets their needs perfectly and now there is no suitale replacement machine.