Apple Watch 2: What We Know, Battery Supply And Round Display

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Smartwatches are all well and good but let’s face it they don’t offer up much by way of battery life. Tech companies have been trying to remedy this and it is looking as though Apple could have come up with a solution, an additional battery pack fitted into the wristband of the watch.

Apple has filed a patent that suggests that they are considering putting a battery pack into the wristband of the Apple Watch 2. The band would then be able to charge the battery of the watch and the watch would offer up better battery life.

The watch in the patent showed off a round display and this has led fans of the Apple Watch to believe that the second version might offer up a display that is round and not square.

You do have to take into account that Apple does file patents regularly and so they may not use this patent, as they don’t use them all. But what do you think about the Apple Watch 2 offering a round display and having a battery built into the strap?

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