Apple Watch 2 Already Causing Loss Of Profits For Retailers

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The Apple Watch 2 isn’t out yet but already its causing a loss of profit for retailers as the price tag of the Apple watch has been dropped by $100.

The authorized resellers of Apple have been offering a discount of $100 off the Apple Watch as the Apple Watch 2 is said to be coming out at the Apple event on March 15.

Along with the discount retailers have been offering to ship for free and not adding tax onto the purchase outside of New York.

The Apple Watch Sport at 38mm is not $249 and the 42mm is $299. You can get the Apple Watch in the 38mm for $449 and in the 42mm for $599.

So this indicates that the Apple Watch 2 is right around the corner. It is thought that when the new version arrives it may only be a minor revision on the model that is out at the moment. One update that is expected is to FaceTime snapper.

Fans waiting for the Apple Watch 2 however is hoping for big improvements and changes to the casing along with new hardware.

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