Apple Wants iPhone 6 Users To Pay $150 For Its Mistakes

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It is looking as though Apple wants users of the iPhone 6 to pay for $150 for their mistakes. The phone maker has acknowledged the pain of some of their customers and has offered an olive branch to those who have been fighting the Touch Disease.

Owners of the iPhone 6 and Plus models have both complained about this issue but only the Plus owners are able to benefit from the $149 fee reduction for first party repairs. Apple said that the display should not have cracks, or other issues except for the symptoms of grayed out pixels and a lack of the multi-touch.

Owners have complained that Apple is the biggest money sucking company ever and this is just proof of that fact. Many are calling for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to do something about it, however they are not expecting them to do so as after all Apple is a USA company.

Many have said that Apple is fraudulent as the issue with the iPhone 6 is clearly an engineering flaw and faulty and as such Apple should offer up a full refund to owners of the device.

But do you own the Apple iPhone 6 and have you been affected by the Touch Disease on the handset and are you losing out?

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