Apple vs Samsung: If Samsung Wins, Everyone’s Screwed

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If Samsung win over Apple in the courts it could stagnate the smartphone market for some time to come reports Digital Trends (DT). Engineers at Apple would then need to do their very best to keep innovation flowing along.

DT: Why Samsung shouldn’t win in Apple lawsuit

Apples patent suit shows us that Samsung are getting ahead in the smartphone market but this is at the expense of Apple. If Samsung manage to take a bite out of the Apple, the company would not stand alone as a victim. Samsung did a similar thing in the TV market to Sony as they made the problems Sony was having worse.

Over the long term copying could kill the smartphone market, more so when one of the companies affected, Apple, builds markets. Rather than just rely on their lawyers in the courts, Apple should up the ante and overcome their problems in court if they want to avoid the trouble Sony did.

DT points out that when you think about it both Apple and Microsoft were built on theft of technology from Xerox. Apple based their tech from their mouse and graphical UI from Xerox, which Microsoft then copied from Apple. While this may be so they still undertook a lot of hard work to build the market.

Samsung on the other hand does not want to build markets. They want to enter into them after they have been built; they did exactly this in the TV market when they took the TV market from Sony. Samsung seems to trying to do this with smartphones and not happy with this they also want to do the same with tablets.

When you hold an iPad in one hand and the Galaxy 10 tablet in your other hand you will see that Samsung have in fact manufactured a better looking iPad. However this is only when it comes to looks, as they Galaxy tablet is more complicated to use than the iPad, which could mean that the consumer is being conned states DT.

What it all boils down to is that if Samsung win over Apple in the markets, it could leave products coming to a halt claims DT. Apple has always delivered quality products and they provide the best experience for consumers with their devices. It’s not only in the consumer’s best interests for Apple to win and up their game, but for Apples too.

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