Apple Whines About Samsung Sales Ban, Not Happening Fast Enough!

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Apple are not content with winning the court case and having Samsung pay them $1 billion, they also want some Samsung products banned in the US.

Apple wants judge to take action faster with banning of Samsung products

MercuryNews now reports that Apple has told judge Koh that the request of Samsung to have the ban lifted on the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US should not be decided before Apple make their request to have some of the devices of Samsung banned permanently.

On 29th August a judge ruled that the request of Apple to have Samsung products banned would be considered at a hearing on 6th December. The request to remove the ban on the Tab was set for 20th September.

Apple filed on Thursday saying that the schedule would create what they said would be a severe imbalance due to the fact that Samsung’s request was being looked into before that of their own. The judge was asked to reconsider the schedule. Apple says that their request shouldn’t be resolved slower than Samsung’s.

Apple wants to ban eight handsets in the US along with a tablet following the verdict that Samsung had copied their products. Apple had previously managed to get the Tab 10.1 banned and Samsung said that the ban would not significantly affect their business. However is trying to get the ban permanent.

Samsung meanwhile want the ban lifted due to the fact that it doesn’t infringe on the patents on which the ban was based on, however it does infringe on three different patents.

Samsung have said that Apple do not have legitimate grounds to delay the motion of Samsung and say that the change that they want means a change of the law.

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