Samsung: Apple Stole “Pinch To Zoom” From Mitsubishi

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You must have been living on the moon if you don’t know about the patent case Apple and Samsung are fighting over in court. While it looked as though Apple were ahead as the trial begins to wrap up, Samsung have presented evidence that could turn out to be their saving grace and this was in the form of hardware called Diamond Touch.

Samsung brings Mitsubishi engineer to prove Apple patent wrongfully given

Yesterday the lawyers for Samsung questioned their second defense witness, Adam Bogue, who is an engineer for Mitsubishi. He said that in 2003 he gave a demonstration to engineers of Apple of a piece of hardware named Diamond Touch. The hardware could expand and shrink images when the user took hold of the corners and grabbed and dragged them. This essentially turned out to be pinch and zoom as it is called today.

The whole point of this testimony was to determine how Samsung could be guilty of copying patents as Apple have claimed, when that patent should not have been given to begin with. Apple’s cross examination of Mr. Bogue brought about crazy results, lawyers asked who the tech belonged to at this time and he said Quinn Emanuel. Quinn happens to be the law firm that are behind Samsung in the case. Samsung then brought the model of Diamond Touch into the room.

So could it be that Diamond Touch which was developed well before the iPhone was launched help to save Samsung by proving that the patent should never have been given? Well that of course is down to the jury to decide.

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