Difference: Samsung Rips Off Designs, Apple Pays Homage [DF]

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There has been a lot of comparison about modern Apple devices and older products that Braun designed. This came about to point out that Apple are hypocrites for suing Samsung when they said that they had stolen their designs, and it seems to be clear that Apple did the same with Braun.

Apple, Samsung & Braun: ripping off versus paying homage

So was Apple paying homage to Braun or were they blatantly ripping off designs, even though the products of Apple are in different categories then those of Braun? They also happen to be separated by decades. This interesting point was brought up by none other than DaringFireball (DF).

One could say copying designs is an accolade and there is little doubt that designers over at Apple must have felt flattered when Samsung copied their ideas and designs. On the other hand can you see any of the designers at Apple considering their work to be homage to Apple?

Do you think DF makes a point here about there being a thin line between borrowing inspiration and just ripping off someone else’s designs?

Apple vs Braun

Apple vs Braun

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