How Samsung Is Making Those “Apples” Look Rotten

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there is no getting away from the site that Apple set the standard for mobile phones thanks to the Apple iPhone, along with the iPad. When these two devices were released it wasn’t long before their competitors pushed out devices resembling those of Apple.

It took quite a few years before the android OS was ready to go head-to-head with iOS, which was used on the Apple iPhone.

However now companies do not want to be just as good as Apple, they now have to be much better. While competitors did build on the foundation of Apple in the mobile phone industry, they are now leapfrogging, adding in more useful features, many of which are absent the iPhone and iPad.

This is something that is seen just about everywhere, however it is more apparent in the products of one of the largest rivals to Apple, Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy devices have gotten to the point where the manufacturer has gained more recognition than any other device on the operating system of Google. Much of this has to do with the marketing budgets of Samsung, however the fact cannot be ignored that Samsung are the innovators as they have created many new product categories and Apple are afraid to try this.

One of the best examples of this has been the Samsung Galaxy Note, which was a smart phone tablet hybrid possessing a large screen. When the phablet first came into the US many people said that it would be too large. The device would not fit easily into the pocket, and it came with the stylus that made people think of the Palm pilot. This was like taking a step back in time.

Of course people disagreed Samsung managed to sell more than 10 million devices. Then they came out with a more updated version just a few months later and this went on to sell more than 5 million, something which was a very large achievement for Samsung and a single android handset.

Perhaps more importantly Samsung managed to create a brand-new category in people didn’t even know how much they wanted it, this was something that Apple had done when they first released the Apple iPhone.

Samsung have the cool factor and they are not afraid to show it. The first commercial which was shown in 2011 called next big thing made fun of Apple fans standing in line waiting the latest version of the Apple iPhone. They boasted about the larger screens and simply tapping phones together. Samsung seem to like blasting Apple for how stuffy the company are, while at the same time showing what their devices are able to do.

When it comes to software Samsung rely on the processing power of the device by adding premium features along with Android. One of which offers owners of the handset the option of running two apps at the same time in the split screen in separate windows. The Galaxy note 10.1 is one of the best tablets from Samsung, it can do everything other tablets can and it has the advantage of the stylus, so owners can draw, along with taking notes on the display.

However the split screen does have a downside and this is that developers need to tweak their apps in order for them to work in the split screen mode on the Samsung Galaxy note 10.1. At the moment only 20 apps work right.

Perhaps what is most important is the fact that Samsung are when it comes to improving their devices with updates. The Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 was revealed last fall however it has received an update to the latest version of Android which brings with it many new features, including Google now, which happens to be a lot more impressive than Siri of Apple.

The direction of product planning at Samsung said that Samsung rely on the feedback of users and reviewers when it comes to offering new software updates. Samsung don’t make users wait for a full year before they can get access to new features. Samsung use the feedback of users to help them keep their products alive.

“We want to keep the product relevant to consumers,” Kolhatkar said. “It’s about how to fit our devices into people’s lives versus changing their behavior.”

Samsung are not alone as the new Windows 8 OS of Microsoft which has been built for use with touchscreen devices and tablets come with many advantages over iOS. Windows 8 apps are able to run in split screen which means two can be run at the same time. The menu also displays updates in real time for things like news and weather. The Surface tablets and blends the line between the laptop in the personal computer thanks to the keyboard cover that snaps on.

Samsung’s new tech makes Apple feel behind. The fourth generation iPad comes with a killer processor and many other superb features; however the OS doesn’t seem to take advantage and the home screen still remains a grid of icons that static to launch apps.

Apple doesn’t have the versatility when it comes to adding on to software features to their handsets. Owners of the iPhone generally have to wait a year or even longer to get hold of a new version of iOS stop some of the older devices of Apple do not have all the latest features.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook says that tablets, not laptops or computing’s future, however one thing is for sure and that is that the software of Apple seems to go out of its way to limit people with what they can do.

Samsung do appear to have more innovation than Apple and they are moving at a faster pace.

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