Apple vs Samsung: Good vs Evil

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Over the last three weeks a jury has been hearing testimony from Samsung and Apple. This means when the case reaches its conclusion one of these two companies will be seen as evil and the other will be good. But which is which?

Apple vs Samsung

Deliberations will begin this week and this means that the jury are the ones who have to decide between the two who will be in the right. The outcome of the trial could cost one of the two a multi-billion dollar penalty along with being known as the wrongful one.

They both finished their cases last week and are ready for the jury to hear their closing arguments. On Tuesday the jury will then have to look through what has to be one of the most difficult types of cases and come to a conclusion. Apple have said that Samsung have ripped off their designs and wants to be paid between $2.5 billion and $2.75 billion for infringing on patents.

Samsung has denied this of course, and retaliated that Apple has infringed on patents and so owed many hundreds of millions of dollars. Some say that Apple may have simpler arguments which could put them ahead and give them an advantage.

If Apple win, products of Samsung may be stopped from being sold in the US. Some experts have said that a verdict such as this could mean Apple and Samsung would reach a settlement agreement.

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