Apple vs Microsoft: Who’s The Sales Winner?

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Everyone likes to hear about a good battle between makers of smart phones and this time around its Apple taking on Microsoft for sales, but which comes out ahead?

The analytical firm Gartner has said that in 2017 the shipment of phones from Apple is going to beat those of Microsoft and the Windows OS. If so this would be the first time that this has happened. The firm also said that this will continue until 2019.

Both of the companies suffered during the past three years with a decline in sales, but it is thought that it will now come to an end for Apple. Apple should be able to beat Microsoft by selling 18 million more units and this would see the gap increase to 28 million units by 2019.

The overall device sales have been estimated to come in flat during 2017 and it has been said that there isn’t going to be growth in the industry until 2018. Microsoft hopes that the Windows 10 mobile, used on third party enterprise devices, will be able to take business from companies that use Windows 10 on their home computers and laptops.

But would you rather have a device that runs on Microsoft Windows 10 or would you go with Apple and iOS?

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