Apple VR Goggles: Less Oculus Rift, More Cardboard?

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Looks like Apple wants to be known for more than just gorgeous smartphones and tablets. It’s apparently in the works of creating something that could help rival against the likes of Microsoft and Facebook on the virtual reality field: a VR headset.

They’ve recruited hundred of skilled individuals that came from well planned-out acquisitions, including specialists poached from selected companies such as the camera startup Lytro and even Microsoft too. And accordingly, Apple has recently acquired the VR startup Flyby Media, so works related to their mysterious headset should be revealed very soon.

Rumour has it that Apple has several prototypes it’s working on for its own VR headset, though details are still very scarce. We wouldn’t be sure if it will be a headset that will require another device to function such as the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard, or it will just be an independent headset similar to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, just to name a few.

For what it’s worth, we hope that it could garner more attention (and sales figures) for the company if this were to be a reality, since the iPhone 7 hasn’t been getting a lot of positivity lately.

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