Apple Transmission 2.90: Who’s Getting Infected?

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It was reported that the Transmission 2.90 might be infected as users received a warning message from Apple urging them to upgrade their Transmission 2.90 to 2.91 as they might have just downloaded a malware-infected file.

It was later pointed out those who downloaded the Transmission 2.90 via the website might be affected but those you updated via the app is safe. Apple also included a way for users to find out if they are affected or not.

To check, users will nee to use the Activity Monitor to check if there is a process called “kernel_service” running. If there is, choose to “open files and ports” and see if there is a file called “/Users//Library/kernel_service”. You might need to terminate it if you find that. Terminate by clicking “Quit -> Force Quit”‘

Those that have not upgraded might want to skip the Transmission 2.90 and install the Transmission 2.92 instead.

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