Apple Third iOS 12 Beta Ready To Be Tested

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The third version of the Apple iOS 12 beta has been released to the public beta program which means everybody can now install it and try it out on their iPhone or iPad.

However, before you do it, do take note that this is still a beta version which means they have not iron everything out and you might get some crashing issues or get your data wipe. If you must try, maybe use a device that is not your main device or backup your data first.

The new iOS 12 will not only help improve the performance of the device but it will also come with a few new features like the new Screen Time feature which will allow you to see and control how much time you are spending on each app. Apple also made some changes to the Notifications feature where you can group them and silence them from the lock screen.

Apps like the Photo, News, and Stocks apps have been improved as well. The iPhone X will also be getting Memoji, a customized avatar that users can use on their iMessage and FaceTime.

These are just some of the updates that iOS 12 users will get when the update arrives later this year.

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