Apple Sweet Talks Owners Of MacBook Pro With Update

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The Apple MacBook Pro was sent out to customers and this is the device with the Touch Bar. Owners were not as happy as they should have been to receive the laptop as it didn’t offer up the battery life of 10 hours that Apple had promised. Now Apple is sweet talking owners by dangling an update in front of them to fix the issue.

They sent out the macOS update and this stopped the time remaining indicator from showing up when the owner clicked on the battery icon. This doesn’t seem to be the only change made with the update as it has been said that it does bring battery life improvements to the laptop.

Some owners have said that the update brings with it the 10 hours of battery life that Apple had promised with the MacBook Pro. Owners are not reporting that they get between 9 and 10 hours and the idle power consumption wasn’t going under 6 watts but now it goes to under 4 watts when on 60% brightness and with the ambient light sensor switched on.

While Apple didn’t admit that the update brought with it updates to the battery life they did say that it helps with stability and the graphics. But what do you think about the battery life on your MacBook Pro?