Apple May Just Sue Orange, No Joke

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The recent Apple lawsuit against Samsung which ended up with the Korean giant having to pay $1 billion has been filled with controversy, and it has tainted the image of both brands.

However Apple has been known to not shy away from court battles and they have already taken Samsung to court again, not to mention fighting other companies in court at the moment.

Well it now looks like they may have another case to start, and this one is against Orange. The Orange website resembles Apple’s website in many ways. While we are not sure if Apple has trademarked the design of their website, given that they do have a full patent portfolio, we wouldn’t be surprised if some elements are.

Orange Electronics does sell a number of tablets but we don’t see the iPad in their inventory. They mainly have Android tablets, which we are certain will give Apple even more reason to pursue it.

So do you think Apple should sue Orange? Check out a screenshot of what their website looks like below.

Orange website

Orange website

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